Rough knowing that one of the best blessing’s i ever was given has to be away from me very soon…real hard to accept..knowing that i found somebody to build with & after all the pain that we put each other through , we always overcame it and kept growing & my my love just kept getting stronger & stronger to the point where i really do feel like i found the one. Now & Days you considered soft or a “bitch” for being all mushy when it comes to a female,especially at 18, But fuck it, growing into a man idc about what people say or think . This beautiful girl mean the world to me and the thought of losing her for another man to pick up and cherish my blessing will eat me up, which is something i cant control but so much , but its no question ima do everything in my power day in & day out to show her that I’m the one she can spend the rest of her life with…For the first time i stepped up & made a promise to myself that i would do right by a woman & treat her how i would want my mother to be treated , no cheating , no entertaining other girls , doing nothing to make her second guess my respect , loyalty & trust toward her….and on the real i plan to stay true to my word , no distractions . Came to far to turn back now.
Ima knock these 4Years of college out , get a degree , have a successful football career , and grind my hardest to provide for my family and be able to start my own someday with this girl , better yet , with the beautiful ,independent , supportive and ambitious girl i know she’ll become in the future .

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